MAY 29, 2013
It has been a long time since the last update and a lot of new stuff has happened since. Skylark is still in progress and near completion, but currently put on ice while work on our newly released short horror game One Late Night is progressing. Currently the sequel, called "Deadline" for short, is in development and will be the full game, where the first one was basically a taster. You can follow the development on our Facebook page.
NOV 11, 2011
AroraRift 32X has now been released for OpenPandora! Check it out here.
On a similar note: the original Arora Rift for Caanoo has been given a price cut of 50%. What a great day for Pandora and Caanoo gaming!
JUL 13, 2011
The RIOT Tag-Team Coding Competition entries are now up for voting here. Be sure to try out Skylark and place your vote!
JUL 10, 2011
The Skylark demo is now available for Caanoo and Pandora. Don't own these consoles? Then download the PC version here.
JUL 6, 2011
The demo of Black Curtain Studios new RPG platform game: Skylark for Caanoo, will soon be available in the Riot Team Tag Competition. Be sure to check it out!

Black Curtain Studio is a developer of online and offline entertainment and media.

In 2005, Linus Jönsson began developing the sci-fi MMORPG/FPS called Edge Of Infinity, on his own, which would test his skills to the limit. Several other game concepts rose during the development time, but not all made the cut to stay in development. One of the games that is still in development today is the survival horror RPG called Mercy Fall which has been in development since early 2009. Today both of these projects are being worked on together under the developer signature of Black Curtain Studio.

If You or your company are looking for services in web design or 3d modeling, then be sure to visit the services page for a look at how I can help You.
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